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My partner and I are a gay couple and we began working with Rhonda Levy when we decided we wanted to have a baby. We had friends who had used surrogates and donated eggs to have children. They were very helpful and shared everything they knew with us, but we felt we needed the help of a neutral expert to guide us through the process of choosing our fertility clinic and surrogacy agency. Working with Rhonda was the best thing we did. She opened our eyes to important issues that would never have occurred to us or entered our decision-making process. Her level of knowledge was surprisingly deep and we were thrilled by how accessible and supportive she was every step of the way. We conferenced her in to our consultations with doctors and agencies and her participation was so valuable. Months after making our decisions we encountered some bumps in the road and Rhonda was the first person we called. She was there for us in a heartbeat and full of good advice.

- Tom, Florida


My husband and I have been trying to have a family for the past four years. We have undergone numerous tests, treatments and consultations during that time. Working with Rhonda has been the best investment in our fertility success that we have made. I only wish I had found her sooner! From the first moment that I spoke with Rhonda I knew I was in good hands. Rhonda's knowledge about the fertility industry, paired with the deep compassion and empathy she has for her clients trying to navigate the fertility world is a winning combination. After our first discussion with her I felt a sense of relief at no longer being powerless and squandering the remaining financial and emotional resources we had left. She did this by demystifying the SART results and explaining what the real success rates of the clinics we were considering were. We also asked Rhonda to join us for the phone consults with the clinics that she helped us short list. Having her on the line during these conversations was outstanding, she asked the tough questions we might not have asked. We re-grouped with Rhonda after our consults with the clinics which helped us clarify our thinking and make a decision.

- Sarah, New York, N.Y


It's really hard to express the depth of my gratitude to Rhonda for her guidance, support and overflowing heart. Like many women, I was trying to conceive and when I didn't, I went to a fertility clinic to get tested. In my mind, I was going to get reassurance that everything was ok. When I found out I had severe challenges to get pregnant, I was devastated. I went to all the reputable clinics in Toronto for their opinions and each diagnosis was worse than the former. I met Rhonda by chance early in my journey to IVF. It was the single most important thing that happened me. She helped me with an open heart to sort through the overwhelming information and choices, went with me to my appointments and helped me ask the questions to my doctors that I would have never known to do on my own. I have a limited amount of time, like many women who are going through IVF, and because I met Rhonda early on, I feel empowered and highly educated about all the issues. Together with Rhonda, I've made decisions that I'm so confident in, and have brought so much peace to my life, knowing that I'm doing everything I possibly can. Rhonda has made the most difficult and challenging time in my life, a period of profound personal growth, strength and empowerment. My husband and I will always be so grateful with all of our hearts to Rhonda for her guidance, support and generosity. She changed our lives and my chances of getting pregnant, exponentially.

- Hannah, Toronto


Spanning a period of 3 years, I had endured countless dead-end appointments with various medical doctors, confusing consultations and painful testing before finally being diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis at the age of 34. Upon diagnosis, the condition had compromised my bladder, ureter, ovaries, small intestine and colon; only to be told that I now had to wait one year for surgery as my condition was only 'life-altering' not 'life-threatening'. At a complete loss as to how to continue my medical battle, a colleague referred me to Rhonda. Rhonda welcomed me with a gentle comfort. After sharing my story, I finally felt that someone understood the severity and urgency of my situation. Her knowledge, guidance and resources aligned me with world-class professionals within a week. Immediate surgery for the Endometriosis was only the first step of my journey in February 2014. Due to unfortunate complications, a second life-saving surgery was required in May 2014. Rhonda maintained consistent communication with me throughout a very long and painful full year recovery. Rhonda continues to guide me through my infertility issues and has aligned me with the most suitable clinic and team for my special fertility needs. I have shared with my husband numerous times that I am alive today because of my deep personal strength, his unwavering love and Rhonda's guiding wisdom. I thank you Rhonda with all my being. You continue to be a key element in my team of angels.

- Robin Kennedy, Toronto, Ontario


At age 45, I had already been through infertility for a number of years, miscarriages and failed IVF attempts. We still wanted to keep trying for a family, but knew at my "advanced" age and that we only wanted to have children with my own eggs, that it would be a challenge to find a center that would be right for my needs and willing to accept us. For these reasons, we decided to look into IVF treatment centers in the U.S. We almost made a mistake of starting to work with one center when we discovered that their success rates were quite low. Given the vast number of fertility centers in the U.S. and that we don't live in the U.S., we realized we needed guidance to sort through the information so we could make an informed decision and maximize our chances of success. Rhonda Levy was recommended to us by a friend who had been helped by her. From our first SKYPE consultation I found Rhonda to be compassionate and warm. She raised the advantage of my using donor eggs, yet respected my choice not to go that route. She gathered relevant information about my fertility history and sought to understand our specific treatment goals and priorities. Using her knowledge of, and contacts with the main, reputable IVF centers in the U.S., Rhonda gave information and recommendations while giving us the space to continue researching and deciding what was best for us. She also assisted us in choosing which doctor to work with, made contact with him to check if he and the center would be willing to accept me for treatment and helped expedite a phone appointment. This advocacy was very helpful for us. I am still in the process and hopeful that things will work out, with the help of G-d. We are very satisfied with the professionalism of the center we are currently working with, and thank Rhonda for being an important part of our process in selecting the center, helping us navigate the unfamiliar territory and her support and caring along the way. May we have good news to share!

- Karen, Jerusalem, Israel


Rhonda Levy is an infinite resource for all things IVF related – on both sides of the Canadian/US border and beyond. Navigating the different clinics, treatments, doctors, and stats in the IVF world can be as confusing as it is daunting. Rhonda lends not only great insight, but also a genuine commitment and caring for her clients on their quests for parenthood. I cannot say enough good things about her guidance and support.

- Marta, Toronto, Ontario


I am a gay man and my husband and I would like to have a child. We were referred to Empowered IVF™ and Rhonda Levy by our reproductive technology lawyer, and were delighted with the referral. When we turned to Rhonda we had already chosen a surrogacy agency and they had found us a surrogate, but we had no idea how to go about choosing a fertility clinic or an egg donor. Rhonda knew exactly which clinics had long and successful histories with surrogacy, and explained to us how important it is to work with a clinic that is not just - as she put it - "dabbling" in surrogacy. We were hoping to find a clinic in a particular part of the country near where our surrogate lives, and Rhonda told us about one in an ideal location. They have been wonderful to work with so far and seem to be particularly welcoming and sensitive to gay couples, and attract many from around the world. Rhonda also explained our options around finding donated eggs and put us on the right path where that is concerned too. We also spoke with her about surrogacy agencies, even though we had already chosen one. Rhonda explained to us how surrogacy agencies should be screening their surrogates and this made us realize that we needed to go back to our agency to verify that they had taken all of the right steps in screening the surrogate we had chosen. Rhonda gave us valuable advice and peace of mind, and helped us go about this process feeling confident about our choices. We are very glad we were pointed in her direction.

- Daniel K., New York, New York


Thank you from the bottom of my overflowing heart for the knowledge, wisdom, and lucidity you provided my husband and me at a very trying time. The idea of being prepared and informed before consulting with a doctor was frankly a new one to us. This was the first real medical challenge for both of us, and we were just accustomed to listening and following the directions of our local providers. You opened our eyes to the unique nature of the world of infertility and equipped us to enter it as rationally and as informed as we would with any other aspect of our lives. It is clear that you are passionate about your work, whip-smart, kind, and have the highest ethical standards. Your are a gift to people experiencing infertility and we can't thank you enough for guiding us and standing by our sides as a powerful advocate. One day, we will tell our three beautiful children about your special role in our lives!

- Amy Goldstein, Westchester, New York


"My husband and I shall be forever indebted to Rhonda Levy for her invaluable assistance in our efforts to create a family. After four failed IVF cycles (as well as several operations) we consulted with Rhonda and due to her in depth knowledge of the rapidly changing landscape of reproductive technology as well as her research into the numerous programs, we were finally able to conceive our son through one of the programs she recommended. Rhonda never wavered in her belief that we would have a successful cycle and ultimately fulfill our dream of having a child."


"We met with Rhonda after meeting with a reputable clinic who told us that there was no hope for IVF treatment for us other than using donor egg. This was very difficult news for us. Rhonda believed that there was still hope for us and helped us select a clinic that was appropriate for our profile. On our first IVF cycle at the clinic recommended by Rhonda we achieved a pregnancy. Meeting with Rhonda early on saved us time and effort, and gave us renewed hope."


"We want to thank you for all your help and guidance at the most difficult time in our lives. When we came to you for our consultation we had just completed our second IVF cycle. We were both terrified, devastated and drained of all hope. We felt like our dream of having our own child was over.

The knowledge and information you shared with us was amazing. We were both shedding tears of relief before we even reached our parking spot after leaving our meeting with you. We had renewed hope and confidence that one day we would have a child. The gift of hope means more than we can express. We now had somewhere to turn for top-notch care.

We have just returned from our visit with your referral and we are so pleased. We are so excited about what they have to offer us there. God willing this year will be our year. We sleep better now knowing we are receiving the best care we can.

Thank you so much for all your help. Looking back we wish we had been led to you sooner, but we thank God our paths did eventually cross."


"Coping with infertility is frightening, frustrating and financially draining. Rhonda Levy makes it less so. She is a warm and compassionate listener who has experienced the problem first-hand. She offers vital knowledge, a keen analytical perspective, and the outstanding advocacy skills of a proficient lawyer, arming her clients with information needed to enhance their chances of success. I recommend consulting Rhonda as soon as possible in the process. The cost is small compared to the huge sums wasted by many of us on programs or procedures that were not well suited to our needs. I wish that I had met her sooner."


"My wife is forty-two and we knew that because of her age we had no time to waste. We came to see Rhonda before even consulting with a doctor. Rhonda referred us to a top IVF clinic and we achieved success on our first IVF cycle there. She saved us months of research and information gathering that, in our circumstances, we could not afford.

Rhonda has proven to be not only highly informed but her personal experience gave us a level of great comfort. She is a caring, concerned and involved advisor who took a real interest in our success. We would highly recommend her services."


"I was very discouraged. After years of inaccurate advice from my clinic and five failed IVF cycles in less than a year I was approaching my forty-third birthday realizing that I had blown not only my chances of success but most of my insurance coverage for infertility also.

Rhonda was able to cut through a maze of conflicting information and clarify for me which clinics and doctors would have the best chance of success for someone my age. Based on factual data and first-hand knowledge of various programs she was able to provide me with the essential and practical information that I needed to make an informed choice. Her assistance was invaluable in speeding up the process of getting in to see some of the best doctors in the field. I am once again hopeful that I will achieve my goal of a successful pregnancy."


"My husband and myself (ages 27 and 26) have been trying to overcome infertility for almost four years. Our story is probably like yours in that we often feel confused, frustrated and alone. One of our main problems is that we are not taken seriously by the medical professionals we see because we are "so young" and have "lots of time."

After a recent consultation with yet another doctor we felt even more frustrated. It was while waiting to see the doctor that we picked up Rhonda's brochure. After reading it we felt that her message made a lot of sense. You need not experience infertility in a confused and vulnerable state."

We met with Rhonda and she was wonderful! Not only did she give us direction through her extensive knowledge base, but she was kind and empathic. In ways she renewed our spirit to have a child, and this is after all what the whole journey is all about.

Rhonda gave us better advice in two hours than we have had in four years. We only wish we had known about and met her sooner."


"Rhonda Levy was able to provide a well-organized, methodological approach to the difficult task of evaluating and accessing infertility treatment. Her advice significantly reduces the time and money in finding an appropriate program.

Rhonda acts as a true patient advocate, with first hand expertise that is invaluable in navigating through the multitude of barriers encountered while accessing an infertility program, including comprehensive knowledge of accommodations and payment. She expresses a keen interest in her client's progress.

Rhonda is a compassionate adviser who provides useful support and advice through a long and difficult process. Any couple faced with the decision of initiating costly infertility treatment will find Rhonda Levy invaluable."


"I would like to thank you for all your support and help in this difficult struggle. It has been wonderful having the opportunity to speak to someone so understanding and knowledgeable about my infertility. I found all the information you shared with me about ivf clinics, doctors and treatment to be very helpful in making a decision as to where to go next for treatment. Thank you for opening my eyes to a wealth of information and giving me hope when I was ready to lose it all. I hope you continue to help others and plan on recommending you to all those I can. The infertility world needs more people like you who are willing to speak to doctors, check out clinics and investigate the latest research. I will remain in touch and hope to someday soon be able to give you the good news that I have reached my dream of becoming a mother."


"Rhonda has provided my husband and me with an invaluable service. We met Rhonda to discuss our fertility options and we learned more from her in two hours than we learned from numerous fertility doctors and a plethora of reading material. Rhonda communicates clearly and provided us with objective, thoughtfully researched information that pertained to our specific situation. The information she provided not only saved us time and money but we're now in an excellent position to make well informed decisions.


Rhonda is an expert in her field and it is obvious that she is passionate about helping her clients reach their goals. She's been where you are and her compassion for her clients is clearly evident. My husband and I highly recommend Rhonda's services to anyone who wants to create a family but may need some help."


"I want to thank you for all the support and help you have given us since we first met with you last fall. Besides being very kind and caring, you have turned out to be very knowledgeable about the latest techniques available in the world of advanced reproductive technologies, and about the providers of this service. Because you are continuously in contact with some of the most advanced fertility centres in the world, and have visited many of the facilities and attended conferences on the subject, you have helped us increase our power to succeed with this challenge.

You also helped us sort through the conflicted opinions we gathered from various fertility centres over the last three years. Specifically, we are grateful to you for directing us to the U.S. clinic, which specializes in a technique that could prove extremely useful in our case. This technique was never mentioned to us by any fertility specialist that we consulted (6 in Canada and 2 in Europe). Your influence with this clinic was clearly visible by how quickly we were able to get an appointment and with the personalized service we received. After four failed IVF cycles and one cancelled cycle I realize now that had I listened to my husband when we first became aware of your services we could have saved ourselves valuable time and money.

Thank you for making a difference."

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