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Many of Empowered IVF™'s clients require no more than the initial consultation to obtain the information they require. However, some of our clients prefer to work with us on a longer term basis. The fee schedule set out below is designed to accommodate the differing needs of all of our clients. We offer financially advantageous packages for clients who wish to have access to us over a longer term, and also accommodate our clients who wish to consult with us only once or twice.

Fees are payable in US dollars for clients living in the United States or anywhere else in the world, except for clients living in Canada, whose fees are payable in Canadian dollars.

Single initial consultation (maximum 2 hours) $525
Single follow-up consultation (maximum 60 minutes)* $250
Package of 3 follow-up consultations (maximum 60 minutes each)** $675
Package of 5 follow-up consultations (maximum 60 minutes each)** $1,075
Package of 8 follow-up consultations (maximum 60 minutes each)** $1,600

* This fee is offered to clients who schedule a follow-up consultation within 6 months of their initial consultation.

**All consultations in this package must take place within 12 months of the initial consultation.

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