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Services We Do Not Provide

Empowered IVF™ is not a fertility clinic and we are not physicians. We do not diagnose, provide medical treatment or prescribe medication of any kind. Only a qualified physician should provide these services.

At Empowered IVF™, we have personal experience with how emotionally and psychologically challenging infertility and the process of creating a family with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) can be. This allows us to provide deep understanding, support and compassion. However, at Empowered IVF™, we do not provide emotional, psychological or marital counselling. Only a qualified psychologist, social worker or therapist should provide these services.

Although the Founder and CEO of Empowered IVF™ is a lawyer, at Empowered IVF™ we do not provide legal services, including legal services relating to third party reproduction.

Empowered IVF™ is not an egg donor agency, egg bank, sperm bank, surrogacy agency, or embryo donation agency and we do not provide the services that such entities offer.

At Empowered IVF™, we share our knowledge and insights but we do not tell you what to do or make decisions on your behalf. Empowered IVF's™ mission is to arm you with information and education so that you will be able to own the process and make your own smart decisions.

Finally, at Empowered IVF™, we do not navigate emergency situations. If you are faced with an emergency, please get in touch with your fertility clinic, physician or nurse, or call 911.

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