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No Conflict of Interest

At Empowered IVF™, our credibility and reputation are very important to us. We serve our clients in a manner that is absolutely free of conflict of interest. We have no affiliation with and are completely independent of all service providers in the world of reproductive medicine, including fertility clinics, reproductive endocrinologists, urologists, egg donor agencies, egg banks, sperm banks, surrogacy agencies, embryo donor agencies, and reproductive lawyers, psychologists, therapists and social workers who specialize in infertility and third party reproduction. We do not benefit financially from any choices that you make. Our only motivation is to empower you to make smart decisions, while saving you time, money and heartache, and improving your likelihood of having a baby.

In addition to providing private consultations to couples and individuals, Empowered IVF™ will also, on occasion, provide programs, seminars, conferences, webinars and support groups designed to educate, empower and support those interested in building their families with the help of assisted reproductive technology. We maintain absolute control over these programs. Should we receive financial support for these events in the way of sponsorships, grants, advertising-based sponsorships, or otherwise, this will be clearly disclosed.

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