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Strict Compliance With AHRA

At Empowered IVF™, we strictly comply with Canada's Assisted Human Reproduction Act, S.C. 2004, c.2 (the "AHRA"), and encourage our clients' strict compliance with the AHRA. The AHRA does not prohibit surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation and embryo donation in Canada. However, among other things, it expressly prohibits payment of a fee to surrogates and donors. Persons who contravene the relevant AHRA prohibitions may be found guilty of an offence and liable for a significant fine or face imprisonment, or both.

At Empowered IVF™, we advise all of our clients who are considering having a baby with the assistance of a third party to seek the counsel of a qualified lawyer who specializes in the law of third party reproduction in all relevant states, provinces and countries. This will help to ensure that the client's activities will be in strict compliance with all applicable laws, that they receive guidance regarding birth registration laws and citizenship and parentage laws, when relevant, and that they receive professional assistance with the negotiation and drafting of all necessary legal agreements.

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