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On February 6th, 1996, the embryos that became our beautiful fraternal twin sons, Max and Lorne, were transferred into my uterus. Had you predicted on that life altering day that eighteen years later I would be launching Empowered IVF™, I would have looked at you like you were insane. After four failed IVF cycles, the only thing on my mind that day was hope.

But after eighteen euphoric (and exhausting) months of motherhood, my mind began to fill with new thoughts, thoughts of how I might be able to help other couples facing infertility. At first it was just a spark, but the the spark eventually grew into a fire, and today that fire is best described as a raging passion. In 1998, I began to work as an Infertility Consultant. With each phone call or email from a joyful client expressing thanks for the guidance that helped them achieve a desperately longed for pregnancy, I became increasingly hooked. I had never before felt such fulfillment and gratification, nor had I ever provided a service that made such a profoundly positive difference in the personal lives of others. It was addictive and I was in it for life!

And then as the years passed the concept of “family” began to expand before my eyes. Women openly partnered with women, men openly partnered with men, and in many parts of the globe same-sex couples were granted the right to marry. In a more tolerant world, the concept of “family” broadened to include families created by the LGBT community, as well as families created by single men and women. With increasing frequency same-sex couples and singles began to turn to assisted reproductive technology to overcome the barriers presented by their lack of a partner of the opposite sex. Suddenly the number of people who needed help navigating the world of reproductive medicine grew exponentially, as did my passion.

And so, today I am delighted to be ramping up my efforts with the launch of Empowered IVF™, both the service (see Education, Information & Consultation and Advocacy, Direction & Guidance) and this blog, which go by the same name. I hope you will become a regular follower and that you will introduce Empowered IVF™ to anyone who might be interested in navigating the world of ART in a discerning and informed fashion. Please stop by again…I promise you, I will have lots to share.

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