“Why Are Some Women Still Unaware of the Risk of Delaying Pregnancy?”: New Blog Post on Own the Process With Empowered IVF™ at Fertility Authority

Check out the latest post on my blog  Own the Process With Empowered IVF™ at Fertility Authority:Why Are Some Women Still Unaware of the Risk of Delaying Pregnancy?” http://www.fertilityauthority.com/blog/rhonda-levy/2014/4/03/why-are-some-women-still-unaware-risk-delaying-pregnancy

How Not to Choose A Fertility Clinic and Why

If you need help from a fertility clinic to become a parent, these are several basic facts you must be aware of before you choose one:

  • There is an overwhelming number of fertility clinics to choose from in North America. In the United States, there are more than 450. In Canada, there are more than 60.
  • Fertility clinics vary in quality and in their ability to help you have a baby.
  • Your choice of clinic can impact whether or not you will have a baby at all, and how much you will endure physically, emotionally and financially in the process. Read More
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