9 Tips for Choosing a Fertility Clinic


1. The fertility clinic landscape is highly complex. It is hard to recognize what you don’t know about this new and unfamiliar world, but you need to quickly learn everything you need to know.

2. Fertility clinics vary dramatically in quality. Although no fertility clinic can offer you a guarantee of success, some have the power to maximize your potential for success. Your journey will be made much easier if you identify and use only top-performing clinics from the outset.

3. If you put yourself in the hands of an inferior fertility clinic, you will be at risk of suffering unnecessarily from a financial, emotional and physical perspective. It can even mean the difference between whether you will or will not ultimately have a baby.

4. To avoid spinning your wheels on the wrong track, learn about all of the factors that should govern your fertility clinic choice so that you will be better equipped to choose one in an intelligent, thoughtful and fully informed manner.

5. Because of recent advances in in-vitro fertilization, fertility clinic success rates have never been more difficult to interpret than they are today. You must take the time to learn about the many subtleties and nuances that are not apparent on the surface of the numbers.

6. Fertility clinics do not provide treatment in one consistent manner. In fact, some clinics take an approach that is not in step with the most recent advances. Be sure to become informed about how (and why) treatment approaches vary clinic to clinic and about the approach that is most appropriate for your situation.

7. Many fertility clinics engage in aggressive marketing campaigns designed to seduce desperate and vulnerable patients. Avoid being lured in by these campaigns and make your fertility clinic choice based on deep knowledge and understanding.

8. A discerning fertility clinic choice requires intense research, strong critical analysis skills and an insightful comparative analysis of options. Researching fertility clinics in a thorough manner is a time consuming process. Turn to experts for help to avoid spending precious time within your reproductive window conducting research.

9. Reliable information needed to make a logical and well-reasoned fertility clinic choice is hard to come by for those who are not “insiders” in the world of reproductive medicine. Identify neutral “insiders” who you can safely rely on to provide high quality and reliable information.

The fertility clinic guessing game: Canadians have no way to find out success rates of pricey IVF treatments

Rhonda_Levy02.jpgHere is an article on the front page of today’s National Post in which I was featured. My best advice: be a discerning and empowered fertility patient.


It Is Important to Seek More Than One Fertility Doctor’s Opinion

My latest post on my blog Own the Process with Empowered IVF™ at Fertility Authority: “It Is Important to Seek More Than One Fertility Doctor’s Opinion”.  http://www.fertilityauthority.com/blog/rhonda-levy/2014/5/29/it-important-seek-more-one-fertility-doctors-opinion

“Thoughts on Choosing a Fertility Doctor” New Blog Post on Own the Process with Empowered IVF™ at Fertility Authority

Check out the latest post on my blog Own the Process with Empowered IVF™ at Fertility Authority: “Thoughts on Choosing a Fertility Doctor” http://www.fertilityauthority.com/blog/rhonda-levy/2014/4/16/thoughts-choosing-fertility-doctor

Still Not Pregnant? Time For a Second Opinion!

Doctor ConsultationKnowing When the Time is Right

If you’ve been a patient at a fertility clinic for some time and have not yet become pregnant, it is likely time for you to get a second opinion. Fertility clinics diverge in their cultures and attitudes, their approaches to treatment, and their ability to help patients achieve their goal of becoming parents. Changing your focus can often mean the difference between whether you will or will not have a baby.

Remember That You Have a Professional Relationship With Your Doctor

That said, if you are feeling reluctant, I can understand why. Many of the fertility doctors I know are kind, compassionate and sincere people who are deeply invested in helping their patients become parents. You may feel a strong sense of gratitude for the care and devotion you have received and not want to seem ungrateful for the efforts that have been made on your behalf. I sympathize completely, but you must not lose sight of the fact that your relationship with your doctor is a professional one. It is important that you not allow a fear of “insulting” your doctor prevent you from owning the process and taking “smart” steps in your quest to form your family. The stakes are high and this must remain at the forefront of your decision-making process at all times. Read More

New Blog Post on Own the Process With Empowered IVF™

Check out my new post on my blog on Fertility Authority, Own the Process With Empowered IVF™: “It is Virtually Impossible to Interpret Fertility Clinic Success Rates”: http://www.fertilityauthority.com/blog/rhonda-levy/2014/3/20/it-virtually-impossible-interpret-fertility-clinic-success-rates

Empowered IVF™’s Rhonda Levy Featured Blogger at Fertility Authority

We are pleased to announce Rhonda Levy is a featured blogger at Fertility Authority. Her blog, Own the Process with Empowered IVF™, is now live and the first post “5 Vitally Important Things to Know About Using a U.S. Surrogate” is available here.

“Gay Surrogacy” Helps Gay Men Satisfy Their Desire For a Child With a Genetic Link

iStock_000024946993_ExtraSmall (1)When a gay couple or a single gay man turns to a gestational carrier and egg donor to form a family via a process that has become known as “gay surrogacy“, they are coming from a place that is dramatically different from that of straight couples who might also turn to third parties for help with reproduction. Typically, the straight couple has experienced a long and heartbreaking struggle to conceive, first in the bedroom and then at a fertility clinic where they hoped to be able to use the woman’s own eggs and uterus.  They have found themselves in “the land of the infertile”, a place they never wanted to be. Their journey has been long, painful and filled with a series of crushing disappointments.  If they have decided to create their baby with the eggs and/or uterus of another women, they have first been through a difficult internal process that generally includes grieving over their need to rely on a third party.  The gestational carrier and/or egg donor represent the only way left for them to have a baby and, once they turn the corner to acceptance, they feel grateful for the women whose generous sacrifices ensure that the option exists. Read More

How Not to Choose A Fertility Clinic and Why

If you need help from a fertility clinic to become a parent, these are several basic facts you must be aware of before you choose one:

  • There is an overwhelming number of fertility clinics to choose from in North America. In the United States, there are more than 450. In Canada, there are more than 60.
  • Fertility clinics vary in quality and in their ability to help you have a baby.
  • Your choice of clinic can impact whether or not you will have a baby at all, and how much you will endure physically, emotionally and financially in the process. Read More
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